At the beginning of 2019 I began to sketch some pictures.

Oddsocks doesn't like to feel different but a decision to "match" the other children causes something very strange to happen.....

Anxiety in children.

 Oddsocks is born!

Mixed emotions.jpe

Celebrate Difference!

The images were my way of  making sense of issues which had affected me since childhood and which were now similarly affecting a close family member.


The drawings gradually became a story and Oddsocks was born!

Although I have illustrated lots of books by other authors, Oddsocks is the first book I have written as well as illustrated.

Oddsocks is an illustrated story suitable for a

range of ages. It costs £12.99 and is available

from heatherstuartillustration@gmail.co.uk

Aspergers in children.

"Oddsocks is about any child with anxiety,

  not just a child on the spectrum."